9 Mistakes Townhouse Buyers Make: #9

It’s time for our final installment in our series to help our valued buyers avoid the 9 Common Mistakes Townhouse Buyers Make:

Mistake #9: Being confused by NYC tenant rent regulations.

Rent Stabilization, Rent Control, and SRO status (Single Room Occupancy room without a full kitchen or bath) can affect value, and they can impact your use of the apartment, even if it is delivered vacant. If you buy a NYC townhouse with tenants, you should know how an Owner Occupancy Proceeding can be used to evict tenants, how to use Major Capital Improvements or apartment combinations to deregulate an apartment, and the practical applications as these legal guidelines intersect with the real world of lawsuits and negotiated buyouts. Top New York townhouse brokers are completely comfortable addressing these topics and also can refer you to the best landlord/tenant lawyers and relocation brokers.

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