The Benefits of a Passive House According to The Brick Underground

Passive House Principles

If you don’t know what a “Passive House” is you’re in good company, most people don’t. Essentially, a passive house is ultra-energy efficient and virtually airtight. It is the future of home construction and there are almost three dozen such projects underway in NYC at this time.


Passivhaus Principles, Source:

Key characteristics of passive houses are a thick layer of insulation around the building envelope, triple-paned windows, and a ventilation system that exchanges stale interior air with filtered exterior air. Added benefits to the homeowner include reduced carbon emissions, improved in-home air quality, and serious cost savings by nearly stepping “off the grid.” For example, a wintertime utility bill for a medium-sized passive house townhouse in NYC is estimated to be $300 a month instead of $1,500. How awesome is that?!


Passive House Thermal Scan

For years, the Vandenberg Team has been at the forefront of configuring townhouses to maximize value and guarantee luxurious living. We have even partnered with the outstanding architects at Baxt/Ingui on a passive house project on the Upper West Side. If you’re interested in learning more, The Brick Underground recently wrote an article answering some FAQs about  passive house features and what’s on the market. The article highlights our listing at 53 West 71st Street, which will be part of the upcoming North American Passive House Network Conference and Expo in June.

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