Dexter Quoted in The New York Times


Last Friday, Julie Satow’s terrific piece in The New York Times quoted Dexter on the subject of the Manhattan townhouse market:

“Townhouses are a niche in the luxury market, representing a small fraction of the city’s housing stock. This is especially true on the Upper West Side, where there are roughly 1,600 townhouses, compared with nearly double that number on the Upper East Side, according to Dexter Guerrieri, the president of the brokerage firm Vandenberg, the Townhouse Experts. But as more families stay in the city, and condominium prices surge ever higher, renewed attention is being lavished on this rare housing stock.

While historically townhouses in the West 70s were the most sought after, as prices have continued to escalate, more developers and owners are crossing the 79th Street boundary…”

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