Increasing Your Townhouse Value – Seminar Recap Part III

Here is the next installment in our Mondays with Dexter series recapping our recent sold-out seminar:
“Add $250K+ in Value to Your Townhouse” 
 Part III: Configure Your Townhouse to Increase its Value 
 When townhouse owners consider a big renovation, they often ask me, “How many units are best?” And I always answer the same way: “The fewer units, the better.” This is true even though you may very well achieve higher rental income from more units.
 * If you have a single-family townhouse, keep it that way. A single-family is worth the most.
 * Owner’s duplexes and triplexes with free-market rentals also fetch high prices.
 * If you have a tenant in the garden rear, incorporate that unit into the owner’s unit before putting the house on the market. Owner’s units with garden access have a considerably higher value than those without.