New Exclusive: 25′-Wide, West 70s Property with Curb Cut

207 West 75th Street - $15,900,000


207 West 75th Street - $15,900,000

207 West 75th Street – $15,900,000

New Exclusive: 25′-Wide Investment Property with Curb Cut!

 207 West 75th Street is located on a central,Upper West Side block. This investment opportunity is perfect for a condo development with a garage, a brand-new single-family home with a garage, or anything else you can imagine.

Currently, the building is two stories, built 107’ deep.  The entire building is leased for $25,000/month to a commercial tenant with a month-to-month agreement through June.

The air rights allow for 15,000 square feet, or seven stories total.  Build luxury condos with parking, and/or renovate the first two levels into a commercial condo rentable for a projected $40,000/month.  The curb cut also allows you to consider creating a seven-story parking garage.

Price: $15,900,000