Free Seminar: Add $250k in value to your Townhouse

Are you considering selling your townhouse within the next five years? Come discover how you can increase the value of your townhouse before putting it on the market. “Add $250K in Value to Your Townhouse” Tuesday, September 18, 2012 7:00 pm – 9:00pm The Dorot, 171 West 85th Street Dexter Guerrieri, President of Vandenberg, will […]

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9 Mistakes Townhouse Buyers Make: #9

It’s time for our final installment in our series to help our valued buyers avoid the 9 Common Mistakes Townhouse Buyers Make: Mistake #9: Being confused by NYC tenant rent regulations. Rent Stabilization, Rent Control, and SRO status (Single Room Occupancy room without a full kitchen or bath) can affect value, and they can impact […]

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Evicting Rent-Control Tenants!


Friends, As the New York Times reported last week, my wife and I had success removing a supposed rent-control tenant from the parlour floor of our townhouse. Click on this link to see the article. As you know, I often extol the benefits of buying a townhouse that has rent-stabilized or rent-control tenants. The price […]

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