Townhouse Experts are on Pinterest!


Thousands of NYC townhouse aficionados have already joined our online communities via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and our blog. Now Vandenberg is on Pinterest! 
What is this thing? 
Pinterest is an online way to collect and share the ideas, images, and inspirations that matter to you. It’s a virtual pin-board where you “pin” anything that strikes your interest. Pinterest is great for townhouse fanatics because it’s a visual, customizable way to share interior photos, floorplans, and anything else that strikes you as useful. Ideas you like from someone else’s board can be “repinned” to your board for later use. 
How do I do it? 
It’s easy to use. Log in and you will be directed to drag a “Pin It” link to your Bookmarks or Favorites bar. So when you’re on any site, hit “Pin It” and the image you choose will be placed on your board of choice. The best part is that the image is always linked back to the source. So if you pin a link to a townhouse listing that you love, it will link right back to the original listing, no matter how many times it is repinned. 
We’ve created a “Townhouse Resources” board full of useful tools for townhouse owners, such as: Designing Your Townhouse Garden, Reduce your New York Townhouse Taxes, and Renovations and Strategies to Maximize Your Townhouse Value. 
Connect with the Townhouse Experts on Pinterest and share your boards! Get connected, get informed, and get inspired at