What Buyers Can Expect Between Contract and Closing

Today we continue our two-part series on what to expect when you’re in contract.
What Buyers Should Expect
Both first-time and seasoned townhouse buyers can benefit from a checklist outlining the many tasks necessary between signing the contract and getting the keys at closing.
Here are a few helpful reminders for buyers during the contract period:
1) Obtain an appraisal in order to obtain your mortgage. Vandenberg makes sure that appraisers know about the appropriate comparables.
2) Once your mortgage application has been approved, be sure to receive a mortgage commitment and send a copy to your attorney.
3) Purchase the necessary services: not only homeowner’s insurance, but also phone, cable, and internet service. This is in addition to the regular checklist we will give you during the contract period.
4) 24 hours before closing, it’s best to schedule one final walk-through of the property.
5) If you don’t plan on attending the closing yourself, execute a Power of Attorney for your proxy.
6) Be sure to bring both your checkbook and your photo ID to the closing.