Why Own A Townhouse: Part 2


141 West 81st Street – $6,300,000
Here is the next installment in our series explaining the unique strengths of Manhattan townhouses when compared to other types of real estate.
Owning a NY brownstone built by the renowned architects Henry Hardenbergh or Clarence True is like owning an original painting by an old master. It’s much more romantic than owning a sterile new condo.
Even if your NYC townhouse doesn’t have a “starchitect” pedigree, it’s a part of a century-old tradition of elegance. The very sight of a row of  brownstones evokes Old New York, and the handcrafted details inside some Manhattan brownstones simply cannot be replicated with the same quality today.
New York town homes are also literally romantic: as I’ve mentioned before, a pair of Vandenberg buyers once proposed to each other on the stoop of the building, and later married each other at the townhouse!

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