Why Own a Townhouse? Part 6

An Excerpt from Mondays with Dexter

Below is the next installment in our series explaining the unique strengths of Manhattan townhouses when compared to other types of real estate.

Historic Picture of  West 15th Street in NYC

Owning a Piece of History

History buffs and preservationists love townhouses because they offer an opportunity to literally own a piece of the past. Residential architectural styles from Federal to Queen Anne are remembered and admired today largely thanks to well-preserved Manhattan townhouses.

Most importantly to preservationists like me, owning a townhouse is like casting a vote. By choosing to invest, renovate, and live in a historic NYC townhouse, townhouse-owners vote for New York to retain its unique historic character and never become a monochrome labyrinth of new constructions. Simply owning a townhouse preserves New York’s diverse residential architecture for future generations.

–Dexter Guerrieri
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