4 Must-See Townhouse Videos for Every Townhouse Owner

4 Must-See Townhouse Videos for Every Townhouse Owner

Here are four must-see townhouse videos on TownhouseExperts.com. Whether you are looking to decrease your expenses or increase your home’s aesthetic appeal, you should make time for these videos.

Townhouse Garden Landscape Design

Paige Keck and Susan Welti of Foras Studios offer case histories and plenty of inspiration for your garden. This video is a perennial favorite: over 160,000 viewers have already enjoyed it!

Reduce Your Townhouse Taxes
Find out what every townhouse owner should know about the city’s tax code, including how much the city can legally raise your real estate taxes, and whether or not you can be reassessed after buying a property.

Brighten Your Brownstone
Ellen Hamilton of Hamilton Design breaks down the basics about light and color. Learn how to use color to brighten every room in your townhouse. This video also features a gorgeous collection of portfolio pictures – get inspired!

How One Townhouse Owner Reduced his ConEd Bill to $19.82/month
Reduce your ConEd bill with ceiling fans, solar panels, and more. Paul Kerzner did it, and you can, too. This video is informative, inspiring, and entertaining. (It’s a 2-part video – click on the “playlist” button for the rest of Paul’s presentation.)