9 Common Mistakes Townhouse Buyers Make:#5

Here’s another tip in our series to help our buyers avoid the 9 Common Mistakes Buyers Make:

Mistake #5: Selecting the wrong real estate broker.

Your broker should be an expert in townhouses. Many frustrated buyers have come to Vandenberg only after they spent many months of unnecessary strain working with a non-townhouse agent. Encyclopedic knowledge of the product, introductions to other reliable professionals needed for your purchase, and tried-and-true negotiating skills can only be provided by a broker who spends the bulk of her or his time specializing in NYC townhouse sales.

When I nearly severed my thumb several years ago, I wanted the best specialist in Manhattan. It was no coincidence that when an acquaintance broke his thumb last year, he independently found his way to the exact same surgeon. Similarly, as you prepare to spend the most money you’ve ever spent in your life, it’s only logical that you should want, and expect, to find the best New York City townhouse broker. Our Premier Buyer Service is where we work with you to build up a “common visual vocabulary.” This rapport is indispensable. By seeing Manhattan townhouses together and clarifying your buying criteria, we can save you many wasted weekend afternoons, when you would rather be enjoying yourself with your family.

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Next up in this series: Mistake #6: Lacking knowledge of recent sales.

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