BRC Seminar Recap #1: Proposed Historic District Extension


An excerpt from: Mondays with Dexter

Over the coming weeks we plan to recap some information from our recent Vandenberg-sponsored BRC free seminar. This week’s recap topic is:

The proposed Upper West Side Historic District expansion

Two years ago, requests were received to expand the historic district around West End Avenue and its side streets. The Landmarks Preservation Commission has planned three public hearings on the topic. The first already happened. The second is on June 28, and the third is on October 21. At these meetings owners, elected officials, and others can voice their opinions and testify.

It is important to note that no vote has been held and nothing official is planned yet. This proposed expansion is only being researched. That said, if you would like to be heard or to find out more information, you should attend the upcoming public hearing at 1 Centre Street, 9th Floor, on June 28! The time is TBA – check Landmarks’ calendar a few days beforehand for the agenda and more information, or view a map of the proposed extension.

Next week we will review Landmarks regulations and NYC brownstone renovations.

Mondays with Dexter also offers an up-to-date summary of properties that are new to the market as well as those that are under contract or sold, the features they offer, and which ones fit your primary residential or investment criteria.