Historic Restoration Techniques (Townhouse Video)

Kim Evergreene Thumbnail Image

Can you distinguish William Morris from Sherwin Williams? Can you tell an original plaster molding from a reproduction? Have you ever wondered what your townhouse’s original details would have looked like during the Gilded Age?

If so, the newest video on TownhouseExperts.com is perfect for you.

This video is aimed at those townhouse owners who are interested in the historic provenance of their homes. Watch and learn as Kim Lovejoy, Vice-President and Restoration Project Director at EverGreene Architectural Arts, explains the process involved in discovering what historic buildings used to look like, and then painstakingly recreating and/or repairing those original details.

Nobody alive today knows more about traditional architectural arts and historic techniques than Kim and her team of artists from Evergreene. They are world-class at what they do.

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