Progress! 53 West 71st Street

53 West 71st Street

For the past few months, the architects at Baxt/Ingui have been very busy renovating 53 West 71st Street – a stunning single-family home steps from Central Park. Significant progress has been made, specifically on the state-of-the-art features that make this townhouse unique. Most importantly, it has been certified as a Passive House! View more information on this exciting listing.

In today’s competitive market, reducing one’s carbon footprint can be just as valuable as design aesthetics when appealing to potential homebuyers. A Passive House Standard directly addresses the airtightness of a building and provides energy efficiency, quality fresh indoor air, comfortable temperatures year-round, and a complete seal from drafts. This results in a potential 90% reduction in heating a cooling usage and cost, passing on savings benefits to owners for years to come. Curious about more qualities and benefits of a Passive House? Call Vandenberg at 212-769-2900 to discuss the specific features of 53 West 71st Street today! 53 West 71st Street At Vandenberg, Inc. The Townhouse Experts™, our sole focus is selling townhouses and brownstones in New York City, NY. We are long-time experts in guiding you through the complexities of townhouse sales and purchases. View our townhouses for sale    |     View our townhouses for rent