Q and A with a World-Class Architectural Arts Firm (Townhouse Video)

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Do you know what creates the best first impression in your townhouse, how to budget for decorative restoration work and much more?

If not, the newest video on TownhouseExperts.com is perfect for you.

In this video, you’ll find an informative “Q and A” session with Robin Roi and Kim Lovejoy of the world-class Evergreen Architectural Arts firm.

Robin Roi has worked on EverGreene’s projects worldwide for over 25 years, from traditional marbleizing, gilding and wood-graining, to inventing custom finishes and designs for large residences, high-end hotels and restaurants. Robin has been consultant to almost every major interior designer in the metropolitan NY area, offering her expertise on color, pattern, texture and design. She was the technical consultant for the book “Paint Style” by Lesley Riva on fresh approaches to decorative painting. Robin spoke about design applications for decorative finishes in townhouses.

Kim Lovejoy brings over 30 years experience in the historic preservation field to her role as Vice President and Restoration Project Director at EverGreene. Ms. Lovejoy leads teams to develop creative technical and artistic solutions for restoration, conservation, and new design of interior finishes and architectural ornament. She is also the author of scores of technical articles on maintenance and restoration of historic buildings in Traditional Building, Common Bond, and other publications. She spoke about traditional techniques in restoration and replication of plaster, wood, paint and allied crafts in historic residential interiors, and their adaptation in contemporary decorative arts.

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