Should I Stage My Townhouse?

Photo courtesy of This Beautiful Life LLC

The following is an excerpt from Mondays with Dexter:

Photo courtesy of This Beautiful Life LLC

Photo courtesy of This Beautiful Life LLC

Want to breathe new life into your townhouse? Get it staged.

Some sellers are hesitant to stage their homes because it is a big step. Emotionally, it can signify the beginning of the moving process.

On the other hand, more than one seller has told me that they wish they’d done the staging for themselves before it was time to move out!

Here is why we recommend staging to the majority of single-family sellers:

Your home’s value is not a precise number. It’s a range. Staging brings you to the high end of that range. It’s a simple as that.

Staging is a strategic way to increase curb appeal and create a positive emotional response in buyers. Stagers know how to bring out your house’s strong points during a walk-through, using artworks, plants, paint colors, etc. that have been proven to appeal to buyers.

Remember also that staging is not a judgment of your taste. Homes that don’t need any staging are few and far between. Every home can benefit from a little editing.

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