Why Own a Townhouse? Part 4

An excerpt from Mondays with Dexter

Here is the next installment in our “Why Own a Townhouse” series explaining the unique strengths of Manhattan townhouses when compared to other types of real estate.

Town Houses, Town Homes

Many New York parents want their children to grow up in a “real home” instead of in a cramped apartment. They want four or more bedrooms, several levels, stairways, fireplaces, numerous bathrooms, and real backyards.

Townhouses are the best way to make this dream a reality without leaving Manhattan. Even the most expensive condos in the city can’t offer growing children a backyard with a tire swing, or banisters to slide down. However, even relatively affordable townhouses offer these important childhood “amenities.”

Single people and couples can benefit from living on more than one level as well. Townhouse dwellers agree that there is something psychologically healthy about going downstairs to your kitchen for breakfast, or, after an evening reading by the fireside, climbing upstairs to bed.

Mondays with Dexter offers an up-to-date summary of properties that are new to the market as well as those that are under contract or sold, the features they offer, and which ones fit your primary residential or investment criteria.