New Listing! NYC Townhouse for Sale

36 West 89th Street
This NYC brownstone for sale can easily be converted into a garden quadruplex using the first four floors, which is equivalent in size of an entire townhouse! All of the other units are deregulated rentals or will be delivered vacant, with the exception of the isolated rent-regulated tenant in the fifth floor front. Location of this tenant would not interfere with the use of the entire rest of the house. Find a home inside this Manhattan townhouse and expand to fit all of your family’s needs! History leaves an indelible mark on us, transforming what was at first common, into something truly unique. Built in 1893 as one of a set of four homes that sit adjacent to each other on this tranquil Upper West Side. The Spanish-style owner’s triplex features hand-crafted renovations, which include changes to the façade that may never be seen again in New York City. The moon-white finish helps the building stand out from its identical façade match on the adjacent townhouse. Air conditioner sleeves have been cut out at floor level giving full access and use of all windows. Unlike some NYC brownstones, the decorative exterior extends to the top of the building with Romanesque columns around the central window on the 5th floor and a seashell arch above that to draw the eye upward as with a cathedral. This Upper West Side townhouse was presciently remodeled with two sets of studs in every wall so insulation could be woven in-between, keeping the entire building well insulated for sound from floor to floor and room to room.

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