Stock Market Can’t Compare to Townhouse Investment


An excerpt from: Mondays with Dexter Dear Friends, When markets around the world act unaccountably, we all begin looking for stable investments. Fortunately, the Upper West Side townhouse market has proven to be one of the most consistently smart investments of the last decade. Our buyers come from around the world – they bring their […]

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9 Mistakes Townhouse Buyers Make: #9

It’s time for our final installment in our series to help our valued buyers avoid the 9 Common Mistakes Townhouse Buyers Make: Mistake #9: Being confused by NYC tenant rent regulations. Rent Stabilization, Rent Control, and SRO status (Single Room Occupancy room without a full kitchen or bath) can affect value, and they can impact […]

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Brownstones in Pop Culture: Nero Wolfe


Vandenberg THE NERO WOLFE STORIES Rex Stout’s fictional detective Nero Wolfe lives in a luxurious and comfortable New York City brownstone on West 35th Street. Because there are no actual brownstones in that part of New York; the producers used the exterior of 44 West 76th street for the A&E TV series A Nero Wolfe […]

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