Why Own A Townhouse? Part 3

An excerpt from Mondays With Dexter
The garden at 345 West 121st Street
Here is the next installment in our series explaining the unique strengths of New York City townhouses when compared to other types of real estate.
The Most Outdoor Space for Your Money
In Manhattan, outdoor space is at a premium. Even the narrowest terrace or the merest glimpse of a park is considered a luxury in this city.

Manhattan townhouse owners, on the other hand, often have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to fresh air and al fresco dining. In addition to the terraces and Juliet balconies often found on New York brownstones, most townhouses also offer generous roof decks and back gardens. The opportunity to landscape, plant shade trees, and even do some serious vegetable gardening in Manhattan is largely the privilege of townhouse ownership.
In short, there is no other type of housing in Manhattan that gives you as much outdoor space for your money. As long as there are nature-lovers in this city, outdoor space will continue to make NYC townhouses an especially desirable real estate investment.
Next time: The Joys of a Multilevel Home

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