Why Own a Townhouse? Part 5

An Excerpt from Mondays with Dexter

Here is the next installment in our series explaining the unique strengths of Manhattan townhouses when compared to other types of real estate.

A Dollar and A Dream

As a long-term investment, townhouses have consistently performed well. They have stood the test of time, and are still desirable after a century or more.

The biggest advantage to investing in a New York townhouse is the fact that if you take creative action, you can help your investment grow faster than the already-growing market. One way is to renovate or restore your townhouse to increase the price per square foot.

Or you can deregulate rental units for an excellent return on your money. Investing in a well-located townhouse full of rent-controlled or rent-stabilized tenants is another way to exponentially increase your investment over ten or twenty years. For further information on how you can profit from a townhouse investment, talk to Cathy anytime at 212-769-2900.

–Dexter Guerrieri

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